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UN Says “Anti-Zionism NOT Anti-Semitism”

Anti-Zionism Is Not Anti-Semitism, Stipulates UN Organization, EAFORD


Item 7. Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories

To expose Israel’s human rights abuses and attacks on Gaza is not anti-Jewish; criticism based on mountains of reports of human rights violations are not directed at Jews anywhere, but at the policies of the State of Israel.

The international community can and should abhor the slaughter of Palestinian women and children without being labeled anti-Semitic.

Zionism is a political movement, not a religion; it is a colonialist, racist, ideology of conquest, oppression, subjugation and control.

Zionism is Israel’s official ideology and to oppose the discriminatory policies of this apartheid state is not racist. Israel is one thing, Judaism another: to confront one is not to be in opposition of the other, they are separate.

Jews can be anti-Zionists, and anti-Semites can be staunch Zionists. Some of the most adamant supporters of Zionist ideology are not Jews, but some fundamentalist Christians. This agenda item does not report on a religion but on a State’s discriminatory policies towards a people who are Semitic too!

Occupation is not about religion: It is a nation’s policy of aggression; its use of disproportionate force, and collective punishment.

When the atrocities committed on the people of Palestine are condemned, Zionists call it anti-Semitism, which is a concocted myth. It is simply a ploy to “dismiss all criticism, no matter how legitimate, as rooted in prejudice and therefore without any validity.” (Cohen)

Equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism poisons any resolution; let it not deter us from our pursuit, the real goal which must prevail: truth and justice.

Thank you Mr. President.


24 March 2009

listen to audio HERE


Zionism~A Jewish Perspective

Zionism is the cancer eating away at Israel and I believe that ultimately it will cause the self destruction of the State of Israel. The following is an excellent article written by Ben Ehrenreich, a Jew, who writes on the subject of Zionism. He says that Zionism is the root problem of Israel today. That Zionism is the cause of conflict in the Middle East. A personal story and an important story. I commend this man for the courage to write this as judging from the comments in the comment section of the article; he is taking a beating from fellow Jews who are Zionists. Feel free to head over after reading and leave a positive comment for this man who has spoken out. Story below:

Zionism: The root of Israel’s problem

The Zionist ideal of a Jewish state is keeping Israelis and Palestinians from living in peace

It’s hard to imagine now, but in 1944, six years after Kristallnacht, Lessing J. Rosenwald, president of the American Council for Judaism, felt comfortable equating the Zionist ideal of Jewish statehood with “the concept of a racial state — the Hitlerian concept.” For most of the last century, a principled opposition to Zionism was a mainstream stance within American Judaism.

Even after the foundation of Israel, anti-Zionism was not a particularly heretical position. Assimilated Reform Jews like Rosenwald believed that Judaism should remain a matter of religious rather than political allegiance; the ultra-Orthodox saw Jewish statehood as an impious attempt to “push the hand of God”; and Marxist Jews — my grandparents among them — tended to see Zionism (and all nationalisms) as a distraction from the more essential struggle between classes.

To be Jewish, I was raised to believe, meant understanding oneself as a member of a tribe that over and over had been cast out, mistreated, slaughtered. Millennia of oppression that preceded it did not entitle us to a homeland or a right to self-defense that superseded anyone else’s. If they offered us anything exceptional, it was a perspective on oppression and an obligation born of the prophetic tradition: to act on behalf of the oppressed and to cry out at the oppressor.

For the past several decades, though, it has been all but impossible to cry out against the Israeli state without being smeared as an anti-Semite, or worse. To question not just Israel’s actions, but the Zionist tenets on which the state is founded, has for too long been regarded an almost unspeakable blasphemy.

Yet it is no longer possible to believe with an honest conscience that the deplorable conditions in which Palestinians live and die in Gaza and the West Bank come as the result of specific policies, leaders or parties on either side of the impasse. The problem is fundamental: Founding a modern state on a single ethnic or religious identity in a territory that is ethnically and religiously diverse leads inexorably either to politics of exclusion (think of the 139-square-mile prison camp that Gaza has become) or to wholesale ethnic cleansing.

Put simply, the problem is Zionism.

Buber, Hannah Arendt and Gershom Scholem — argued for a secular, binational state in Palestine in which Jews and Arabs would be accorded equal status. Their concerns were both moral and pragmatic. The establishment of a Jewish state, Buber feared, would mean “premeditated national suicide.”

The fate Buber foresaw is upon us: a nation that has lived in a state of war for decades; a quarter-million Arab citizens with second-class status; and more than 5 million Palestinians deprived of the most basic political and human rights. If two decades ago comparisons to the South African apartheid system felt like hyperbole, they now feel charitable. The white South African regime, for all its crimes, never attacked the Bantustans with anything like the destructive power Israel visited on Gaza in December and January, when nearly 1,300 Palestinians were killed, one-third of them children.

Israeli policies have rendered the once apparently inevitable two-state solution less and less feasible. Years of Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem have methodically diminished the viability of a Palestinian state.

Meanwhile, the characterization of anti-Zionism as an “epidemic” more dangerous than anti-Semitism reveals only the unsustainability of the position into which Israel’s apologists have been forced. Faced with international condemnation, they seek to limit the discourse, to erect walls that delineate what can and can’t be said. It’s not working. Opposing Zionism is neither anti-Semitic nor particularly radical. It requires only that we take our own values seriously and no longer, as the book of Amos has it, “turn justice into wormwood and hurl righteousness to the ground.”

Establishing a secular, pluralist, democratic government in Israel and Palestine would, of course, mean the abandonment of the Zionist dream. It might also mean the only salvation for the Jewish ideals of justice that date back to Jeremiah.
Full Article HERE

Truth Meets Zionist Borg

Annual Israeli Apartheid Week begins today.
But trouble looms for the truth speakers!



Today marks the beginning of Annual Israeli Apartheid Week Worldwide, which runs until the 8th of March.

Filasteen did a great write up about the origins of this campaign:

First launched in Toronto in 2005, IAW has grown to become one of the most important global events in the Palestine solidarity calendar. Last year, more than 25 cities around the world participated in the week’s activities, which also commemorated 60 years since the expulsion of the Palestinian people from their homes and land in 1947-1948.

Filasteen went on to write later about the massive Jewish Student Resistance on the Campus at Carlton University in Canada:

“If Israelis were so sure of the rightness of their cause, why the violent intolerance they display toward everyone who tries to make a different case?” – Gideon Levy

What can be done?
“[Give the universities a (polite) piece of your mind. Email Carleton University President Roseann Runte, and copy Students Against Israeli Apartheid. Email the University of Ottawa President, Allan Rock, and copy the Students for Palestinian Human Rights.]”

However, I doubt this is an isolated situation. Problem is that Israel has several Student groups worldwide. These groups are supported and trained to a certain extent by the Israeli govt. One is called the “The World Union of Jewish Students” Very well funded and organized on all major campuses worldwide (see list at end of post); they actually have a handbook for all their student members. In this “handbook” they teach students how to argue for Israel using “hasbara” techniques. Additionally, they are brainwashing organizations which seek to isolate Jewish students from the mainstream population of students, turning them into “super-Zionist clones” for Israel. As always, they play the fear politics card. “Poor Israel, always under attack, everyone wants to destroy Israel” and my personal favorite Zionist mantra “never again” always have to conjure up the holocaust to rally the troops. They also cheat the system and use special software to censor online and skew information.



World Union of Jewish Students
World Union Of Jewish Students, Beth Hatefusoth – Tel Aviv University,
POB 39359, Tel Aviv, 61392 ISRAEL
Welcome to WUJS online, the most comprehensive website for Jewish students.

From information about student unions around the world, to ideas for activities in your local union, from resources on Hasbara and Antisemitism to resources about Judaism and Israel, you can find it all here.


please, everyone note that the WORLD UNION OF JEWISH STUDENTS PARTNERS WITH:

World Jewish Congress
http://www.wjc.org.il Since 1936 the World Jewish Congress has been the representative body of Jewish Communities across the globe, and continuously advocates Jewish concerns to governments and international organizations. Communities in over 80 countries are members of the WJC. Headquartered in New York, the Congress has affiliate offices in Brussels, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Geneva, Jerusalem, Melbourne, Moscow and Paris.

Education Department of The Jewish Agency for Israel
The Education Department is responsible for the training and sending of shlichim to the Diaspora. The Education Department has desks that deal with different countries, including Israel, ensuring that they have a world-wide reach.

Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)
http://www.jdc.org The JDC serves as the overseas arm of the American Jewish community. fulfilling its commitment to the idea that all Jews are responsible for one another and that “To save one person is to save a world” (Mishna, Sanhedrin 4:5). JDC is funded primarily by the national United Jewish Communities (UJC), which is supported by campaigns conducted by Jewish federated and non-federated communities throughout the U.S.

Hagshama Department
http://www.wzo.org.il The Hagshama Department encourages young people to embark on a journey designed to empower participants in an ongoing process,-snip- we envision the expansion of the person’s growing commitment from the personal to the Jewish communal and to the State of Israel.

http://www.hillel.org Hillel’s mission is to maximize the number of Jews doing Jewish with other Jews. Students are empowered to take responsibility for their Jewish identity

Moreover, this worldwide student group has an actual handbook in PDF format. I mentioned this handbook in my other post called “Loosing Your Rights to Israel” a MUST READ if you haven’t already read it!




American Union of Jewish Students (AmUJS)
Austrian Union of Jewish Students (JÖH)
Belgian Union of Jewish Students (UEJB)
British Union of Jewish Students (UJS)
Organization of Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom”
Canadian Federation of Jewish Students
Czech Union of Jewish Students
Jewish Denmark
The Jewish Community of Estonia
Finland – The Jewish Community of Helsinki
French Union of Jewish Students (UEJF)
German Union of Jewish Students
Comunidad Judia de Guatemala
Holland – Dutch Union of Jewish Students (IJAR)
Hungarian Union of Jewish Students
National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS)
Italian Union of Jewish Youth (UGEI)
The Jewish Community of Lithuania
Netherlands – Dutch Union of Jewish Students (IJAR)
Netherlands (MOOS)
North American Jewish Student Alliance (NAJSA) – Pending
Norway – The Mosaic Religious Community
Polish Union of Jewish Students (PUSZ)
União Portuguesa de Estudiantes Judeus (UPEJ)
Romania – Federatia Comunitatilor Evreiesti din Romania
Russian Union of Jewish Students
Russia – AFIFON Jewish Youth Culture
Slovakian Union of Jewish Students (SUZM)
Jewish Community of Slovenia
South African Union of Jewish Students
Judios Universitarios de Espana (JUE)
Sweden – Judisk Student I Stockholm
Swiss Union of Jewish Students (SUJS)
Turkish Union of Jewish Students (TUJS) – no website
Jewish Community of Turkey
Jewish Venezuela
*if we have the wrong website, or if we don’t have your union listed, let us know!

Local Student Unions On the Web
• Melbourne Univeristy Jewish Students Society (Australia)

• Bath University (Britain)
• Birmingham University (Britain) Progressive Jewish Chaplaincy 
• Bristol University (Britain) • Cambridge University Jewish Society (Britain)
• Cambridge University Israel Society (Britain)
• Durham University Jewish Society (Britain)
• Edinburgh University Jewish Society (Britain)
• Imperial College of London Jewish Society
• University of Kent – Jewish Society (Britain)
• Lancaster University Jewish Society (Britain)
• Leeds University and Leeds Metropolitan Jewish Societies (Britain)
• Northern Region Union of Jewish Students (Britain)
• Oxford University Jewish Society (Britain)
• Southampton University Jewish Society (Britain)
• Swansea University Jewish Society (Britain)
• Sheffield University Jewish Society
• St Andrews University Jewish Society
• University of Warwick Jewish Community Organisation
• Warwick University Jewish / Israel Society (Britain)
• York University Jewish Society (Britain)
• Brunel, UK 
• Liverpool, UK 
• Birmingham Jewish Society, UK 
• Brighton, UK
• Manchester, UK

• Conestoga College (Canada)
• University of Guelph- Jewish Student Association (Canada)
• Kitchener-Waterloo Jewish Student Union
• University of Ottawa Jewish Student Association (Canada)
• Ryerson Polytechnic University Jewish Student Association (Canada)
• University of Waterloo JSA (Canada)
• University of Western Ontario Jewish Student Union (Canada)
• Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada)
• York University Jewish Student Federation (Canada)

• “Grandes Ecoles” Jews Association (AJGE) – French Language site
• Lyon, France
• Nice, France
• Paris – UEJP (graduate school of management) French Language site
• Toulouse, France

• • Jewish Student Union of Baden (LJSB), Heidelberg, Germany
• • Jewish Student Union of Bavaria (VJSB), Munich, Germany
• • Jewish Student Union of Berlin (JSB), Berlin, Germany
• • Jewish Student Union of Hessen (JJSH), Frankfurt, Germany

• • Jewish Student Union of Northern Germany (JONS), Hamburg, Germany

• • Jewish Student Union of Wuerttemberg (SVS), Stuttgart, Germany

• Georgetown Israel Alliance
• Hebrew Union College

South Africa:
• University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)

• Jewish Community Stockholm

• Geneva
• Lausanne Union of Jewish Students (Switzerland) French Language site
• Laussane, Switzerland

United States of America:
• Atlanta YAD
• Bates College Jewish Cultural Community
• Brown Jewish Student Union
• Carnegie Mellon University – see Pittsburgh
• Chatham College – see Pittsburgh
• University of California, San Diego Union of Jewish Students
• Columbia University/Barnard College Jewish Student Union
• Duke University : Freeman Center for Jewish Life
• Duquense University – see Pittsburgh
• Emory Reform Jewish Students Committee
• Gratz College
• Hebrew Union College
• Johns Hopkins University Jewish Student Association
• University of Maryland Baltimore County Jewish Student Groups
• University of Michigan Law School, Jewish Student Union
• McCombs Jewish MBA Organization – Texas
• NYU Medical School Jewish Student Association
• Pizmon (Jewish Student Outreach through music)
• Reform Jewish College Students – Kesher
• Syracuse University Jewish Student Union
• University of Texas at Austin Chabad
• Yeshiva University
• Wolk Center for Jewish Deaf Students