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Obama Going to Israel

U.S. president to visit Israel in June

U.S. President Barack Obama will visit Israel and Western Bank in June, the Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported with reference to the U.S. diplomatic sources.

Obama will visit the region after tripping to France in June.

A decision to visit Israel several days after meeting with new Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu testifies that the United States plays an active role in settling Palestinian-Israeli problem.

Last week, Israeli new Foreign Minister Avigdor Libermann refused to follow the Annapolis agreement signed with the new Palestinian government in 2007.

Before Obama’s visit to Israel, U.S. Special Envoy to Middle East George Mitchell will visit the region.

Unlike, former George Bush administration, the new leader of the White House is not against of Hamas’s joining the Palestinian government, Haaretz reported. However, the U.S. supports the decision of the Middle East quartet – U.S., EU, UN and Russia – on refusing from any diplomatic negotiations with Hamas. The quartet insists on the movement to recognize Israel’s right for existence and refuse from resistance.


UPDATE~US Involvement in Sudanese Attack

Well after several days of “Mum’s the word” from the USA and Israel regarding who carried out the TWO bombings in Sudan during January and February 2009. We now have some interesting info coming out. Remember I wrote aobut the attack HERE and HERE claiming it was suspicious and that only two countries would have the air capabilities to carry out such and attack, e.g. Israel or America, well, looky here, today the US has said it “warned” Sudan of the coming air strikes. Translation, the US was involved and assisted Israel in some fashion as it was well aware of what was about to take place. I reckon “hope” and “change” may not have arrived in Washington after all. Story below

Report: U.S. warned Sudan before attack on Gaza convoy

The U.S. warned the Sudanese government that weapons were being smuggled into the Gaza Strip through its territory ahead of a recent attack on a Gaza-bound arms convoy, which foreign media has attributed to the Israel Air Force, the pan-Arab daily Al-Sharq al-Awsat reported Monday.

a senior American official transferred a message to a Sudanese government official and asked him to make sure that the message makes its way to Sudan’s leaders in Khartoum so that immediate steps can be taken to put a stop to the smuggling of weapons. The sources said that the Sudanese security establishment declared that the issue would be investigated, shortly before the first attack.

Doesn’t look as though any time was given for the Sudanese Government to investigate, the US and Israel decided to act without allowing any time for any investigations. What a disgrace, 39 killed and civilians injured!

On Friday, the American network ABC reported that the IAF had targeted a convoy of trucks in Sudan carrying Iranian weapons to Gaza in January. According to the report, 39 people riding in 17 trucks were killed, and civilians in the area sustained injuries.

And why was the convoy not stopped and the drivers arrested, why were they murdered? Additionally civilians were harmed as well. This is not right, arrest them, but what gives Israel and America the right to bomb inside another country. I guarantee if this had been some country like Russia, Egypt or some other Middle East country, they would not have been so “trigger happy” from the air!

In light of the fact that the attacks occurred in such close proximity to the American warning, Sudanese officials initially assumed that it was the U.S. that was behind the bombings. However, when the U.S. denied involvement, the accusations were pointed at Israel, which has yet to confirm or deny the reports.

I see what’s going on here. Each side (Israel & America) points to the other by carefully making comments, or not making comments. Leaving the world to “wonder” which one carried out the bombings and killings. After all, we can’t have those anti-war people who elected Obama thinking he’s a “Bush in Change Clothing”, now can we?

On Friday, the spokesman for the Sudanese Foreign Ministry said that Sudan was investigating the attacks and collecting evidence at the scene, but will not respond until the investigation is complete.

He added that the convoys were likely smuggling goods, but not weapons.

TAXPAYERS MONEY~FASTEST Way to Middle East Peace & Help American Economy at Same Time

Fastest Way to Middle East Peace and America Saves Money to Boot!!

Wow, although I have been saying this for ages, now someone actually wrote an article about this. Why are Americans suffering with job loss and loosing their homes, while the American Government sends 30 Billion of taxpayer’s money to Israel??? Wouldn’t that money be better spent on those who actually LIVE in America and earned that money in the first place? Evidently the penny is now dropping, about time. Imagine what that money could do to help suffering Americans instead of lining the pockets of some foreign country! And Excellent take on this from Paul J. Balles over at redress.

The absurdity of spending US tax dollars on Israel while Americans struggle on

Paul J. Balles argues that if enough ordinary Americans “feel the pinch and connect the dots between their own financial losses and America’s continued unbridled support of Israel’s devastating war machine, Israel could be forced to make peace with the Palestinians”.

The things that are now painfully connected to the recent financial crisis in America include health care costs that people are unable to meet, home foreclosures, job losses, excessive credit debt and loss of pay.

Is it possible that an economic catastrophe in America might have a surprisingly positive effect? An article by Jane Stillwater entitled “Our dual-citizenship Congress” suggested an unforeseen result that could be very good for the whole world.

She writes:

I turned on the television last night and listened to the local news anchor tell me, “The State of California is currently facing bankruptcy.” I live in California.

This is not good news. Plus California’s jobs are drying up, homes are being foreclosed on, stores are going out of business, schools are laying off teachers, banks are eliminating branches. The eighth-largest economy in the world is about to tank. Boy could we use some financial help from the feds.

Then, after asking, “But will we get it?” she concludes, “Probably not.”

But Congress still continues to enthusiastically pour billions of our taxpayers’ dollars into the Israeli economy each year. What’s with that?

Do our Congressional representatives hold dual citizenship with the United States and Israel or what? When are they going to stop voting pork for Israel and start voting bailout money for CA?

Are we Californians going to have to start firing Qassam rockets at Washington to get their attention or what?

After getting Jane’s permission, I sent her article to my Congressman and cc’d it to everyone I know in California. The next day, I received several comments that echoed Jane’s complaint. Why are we continuing to send US taxpayer money to support Israel’s slaughter of innocents in Gaza while we don’t have enough money to support our own economy?

My daughter wrote, “It infuriates me to think that they are spending our tax $$$ for Israel instead of our own country and state.

How can this possibly have a positive outcome? The economic crisis in both state and federal budgets has already pinched many shoes. Americans are very upset at the damage done to their financial conditions.

If enough people feel the pinch and connect the dots between their own financial losses and America’s continued unbridled support of Israel’s devastating war machine, Israel could be forced to make peace with the Palestinians.

How could that happen? Israel would no longer be able to ignore the Arab peace initiative first proposed in 2002 that offers pan-Arab recognition of Israel in exchange for Israel’s withdrawal from lands captured in 1967. read it all HERE

UPDATE~Sudanese Air Strike US or Israel Involved?

This just in, more on the Sudanese air strike. Implications are made against not only Israel but the USA as well. Wonder what Obama has to say about this?

Israel operating to increase deterrence: PM

JERUSALEM, March 26 (Xinhua) — Israel’s outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Thursday that his country is conducting extensive operations in a bid to enhance its deterrence.

“We are operating in every area in which terrorist infrastructures can be struck… We are operating in locations near and far to strengthen and increase deterrence,” local news service Ynet quoted Olmert as saying.

“There is no point in elaborating. Everyone can use their imagination. Whoever needs to know knows,” the Israeli premier told a conference at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya near Tel Aviv.

The remarks came against the backdrop of a CBS report that Israeli warplanes in January attacked a 17-truck convoy in Sudan allegedly loaded with arms that were to be smuggled into the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

The Israel Defense Forces have so far remained tight-lipped on the report, which said 39 people were killed in the air raid.

Some Sudanese sources have confirmed the attack, yet it is still unclear who indeed carried out the raid, with one of the Sudanese sources pointing to the United States.

During the final days of the Gaza offensive on the Gaza Strip in December and January, Israel and the United States signed a memorandum aimed to enhance cooperation in this regard.

British Find “NEW” Way of Dealing with CROOKED BANKERS

My Caveat= Now, I’m not condoning violence, but I must admit this article below did make me laugh.

Heads up America, England/Scotland, has created a new way of dealing with crooked bankers and people like Bernie Madoff who caused the financial melt down.

This is an “off topic” post, but I just thought I’d offer it up to all those Americans who lost money in the Bank scams in the USA, or who lost their jobs, homes and livelihood, whilst the bankers all got richer and took huge bonuses for causing the financial melt down worldwide. CHEER UP you poor downtrodden sods, you can get your aggression out by reading this article below.

England has it’s own filthy rich bankers, one, Sir Fred Goodwin, who helped create the British banking meltdown AND then gave himself a huge Pension bonus and took early retirement, just like the American ones did. Ah, but the great British public was having none of that. A new group has been formed, they (You’re gonna love this name) call themselves “ Bank Bosses Are Criminals” (Ok, I think we can all agree on the name being true!) they broke out the windows of Sir Fred’s Million pound Mansion Home (see video below post) and also the windows of his lovely expensive and special Mercedes Benz car. They then phoned in a statement to the local press which said: (You’re also gonna love this as well LOL) the statement said:

“We are angry that rich people, like him, are paying themselves a huge amount of money, and living in luxury, while ordinary people are made unemployed, destitute and homeless. “This is a crime. Bank bosses should be jailed. This is just the beginning.”

So, in England,( like in America,) the filthy Bankers were not jailed, but it appears that sad fact is not going down too well with the British public.

Sir Fred Goodwin’s home attacked

The Edinburgh home of former Royal Bank of Scotland boss Sir Fred Goodwin has been attacked by vandals.

Windows were smashed and a Mercedes S600 car parked in the driveway was vandalised.
A group angry at bank executives’ pay contacted a newspaper claiming to be behind the early morning attack.

There has been widespread public and political anger over a pension payout worth about £700,000 a year to the 50-year-old former chief executive.

Sir Fred took early retirement from RBS last year after the bank needed a £20bn bailout from the government.
When Sir Fred stepped down from the post in October, he rejected government pressure to accept a reduction in his package, insisting that changes to the early retirement deal he had negotiated were “not warranted”.

The payout was described as “obscene” and “grotesque” by MPs and “unjustifiable and unacceptable” by Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

However, earlier this month it emerged that the bank was paying about £290 per month for security, which included CCTV monitoring of the house and security staff for Sir Fred.

Three smashed ground-floor windows of the stone villa were clearly visible. In the driveway, the rear window of a dark-coloured Mercedes saloon was smashed, as well as the nearside rear passenger window.

A statement was issued to Edinburgh’s Evening News newspaper on Wednesday morning by a group which claimed it was behind the attack.

It said: “We are angry that rich people, like him, are paying themselves a huge amount of money, and living in luxury, while ordinary people are made unemployed, destitute and homeless.

“This is a crime. Bank bosses should be jailed. This is just the beginning.”

“Our inquiries are at an early stage and we are appealing for anyone with information about this incident to contact us,” he said.

(I don’t think anyone will be talking, as in the news report I saw on television, little old ladies were out walking and being interviewed and wondered why it hadn’t happened already LOL)

Now I bet you are all wishing Madoff lived in Scotland………..

Israel Shunned by Everyone Important in Washington

Ever feel like you’re being shunned? Ever feel like you are invisible? Ever feel like you weren’t told about the secret handshake? Ever feel like you weren’t invited to the party?

Well that’s exactly what Israel’s Chief of Staff feels like after coming to America. It looks like the bloom is off the rose for Israel, it’s about time. Obama may actually earn my respect one day if he keeps putting Israel in it’s place, e.g. out of American politics.

Here ya go, well worth a read, and try not to laugh too hard:)

Israel’s visiting chief of staff finds doors closed
in Obama’s Washington

WASHINGTON — Last year, Israeli Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi had no problem setting up meetings with top officials in the U.S. government.

On his current trip to Washington, Ashkenazi sought to meet the administration of President Barack Obama, but most officials were unavailable.

Diplomatic sources said Ashkenazi failed to obtain access to any Cabinet member, including Defense Secretary Robert Gates. The Israeli military chief, who sought to discuss the Iranian nuclear threat, won’t even meet his counterpart, Adm. Michael Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The administration is sending a very clear message to Israel, and this is we want to talk about Palestine and not Iran,” a diplomat who has been following U.S.-Israel relations said.

On March 12, Ashkenazi left for a five-day visit to the United States meant to lobby the Obama administration to abandon the planned U.S. dialogue with Iran. Ashkenazi, scheduled to meet with the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, (AIPAC the cancer in American Politics!!!!)was expected to have brought new Israeli intelligence on Iran’s nuclear weapons and missile programs.

But the diplomatic sources said the administration made it clear that nobody in a policy-making position was available to sit with Ashkenazi. (are you laughing yet???) This included the president, Vice President Joseph Biden, Gates, National Intelligence director Dennis Blair or Mullen.

“The Obama administration believes that Israel is as much or more of a problem as it is an ally, at least until Israel’s disagreements with its neighbors are resolved,” former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, said.
Bolton envisioned that the White House would pressure Israel
to legitimize Hamas and Hizbullah. At the same time, he said, Obama would continue to woo Iran.

Already, economic and diplomatic advisers to Obama have urged the president to launch a U.S. dialogue with Hamas. The US/Middle East Project, which includes such Obama supporters as former Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Sen. Chuck Hagel, was said to have elicited a promise from Obama to listen to any proposals made by Hamas.

The diplomatic sources said the White House and the senior echelon of the Obama administration have refused a dialogue with Israel on the Iranian threat. (THANK GOD FOR THAT!!) They said Ms. Clinton, during her visit to Israel, was largely silent during briefings by Israeli intelligence on Iran’s nuclear and missile programs.

“The Israeli government and military have been alarmed by the rapid and dramatic reversal in the U.S. policy toward Iran,” the source said. “This reversal took place without any consultation with Israel, Gulf Arab countries or even Congress.” (Ok you must be laughing by now, Imagine, how dare the USA makes it’s own decisions and policy!! Without “informing Israel and getting permission. Perhaps AIPAC should have left Freeman alone, payback is a bitch!)

But Obama and his top aides appear uninterested in hearing Israel’s position. The sources said a key aim of Ashkenazi was to urge the administration to release weapons and systems long sought by Israel in the area of aerial refueling, air-to-ground weapons, sensors as well as the F-22 fighter-jet.

“Ashkenazi sees this U.S. refusal as what has been undermining Israeli deterrence toward Iran and boosting the confidence of the Teheran regime,” the source said. “The mullahs in regime have concluded that America has dropped the military option and won’t allow such an option to Israel.” (HASBARA anyone???)


Obama Urged to Talk to HAMAS

Well, I’ve seen this before. Irish Republicans will recognise this tactic very well. Renounce violence and come into politics. The USA really is modelling the ME peace process after the NI peace process to quite a degree so far I must say. Hamas needs to make sure they don’t allow FATAH to give everything away and control all the negotiations. We faced much the same here when the US and England attempted to make deals with the soft Nationalist party the SDLP, our version of FATAH. Not until they learned the hard way, after many more ended ceasefires by the IRA, that they had to talk to Sinn Fein, who had a huge elected mandate (Like HAMAS) Only then, did they ever get anywhere. A peace process is just that, a “process” and a very LONG process at that! Our war with England has lasted for hundreds of years, and the Peace Process only started 13 years ago after 30 years of a well targeted war by the IRA. This, after many failed attemtps, and the actual decommissioning of weapons dumps only just ended this many years later. Yet even today we still have problems, like I said, it’s a process………

Palestine & Ireland

Palestine & Ireland

Barack Obama adviser urges talks with Hamas

Paul Volcker, a senior adviser to President Barack Obama, has urged him to break with US policy and open talks with Hamas in order to test the militant group’s willingness to join a unified Palestinian government.

Mr Volcker, a former Federal Reserve chairman who was picked by the president to head his new economic recovery advisory board, signed a letter with nine other Washington veterans and senior ex-officials urging him to open dialogue.
Other signatories of the letter, delivered to the president days before he took office, include Brent Scowcroft, national security adviser to the first George Bush, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, who performed the same role under Jimmy Carter.
The group is expected to be granted an audience at the White House as early as this week to make their case that lines of communication should be opened with the group

They are likely to make a forceful case given their personal experience of tortuous Middle East negotiations. “I see no reason not to talk to Hamas,” Mr Scowcroft told the Boston Globe. “The main gist is that you need to push hard on the Palestinian peace process. Don’t move it to end of your agenda and say you have too much to do.”

Mr Obama has made peace in the Middle East a central goal of his presidency. Within days of taking office he appointed former senator George Mitchell, a heavy-hitting veteran of the Northern Ireland peace process, as a special envoy to the region.
Some in Washington see a rare opportunity to open talks with Hamas now that the group is discussing a unity government with Fatah, the more moderate Palestinian faction. Hamas was elected to power in Gaza in 2007 and has been shunned by the US for its refusal to renounce violence or recognize Israel’s legitimacy.

Only HAMAS will know if it is the right time for political negotiations. Only HAMAS will know during any negotiations if they have enough concessions to go forward politically. In Ireland, our people have gone to Gaza and met with both ABBAS and HAMAS in an attempt for them to learn from Sinn Fein and the IRA’s political strategy and negotiations. During this last visit as expected, Israel was not amused and refused to meet with Adams because Adams was talking to HAMAS. Video’s below of interview with Ahmad Yousuf after meeting with Sinn Fein and another very short recent video with Adams on the Middle East conflict vs the Irish conflict.