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Gaza Doctor Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

NOMINATED: Dr. Abu al-Aish, who lost three daughters when Israel murdered them while he was on the phone doing an interview with an Isareli news program!! I remember watching this on television, in utter shock and disbelief. I cried for hours, then days. What I will never forget as long as I live, was the outrageous Israeli’s who came down during the interview and shouted at this poor man “What were you hiding in your house” and “The army had a reason to shoot at your house” and many more disgusting insults. Not one of them, not one single one of them, could have the decency to leave the man alone after having just lost so many of his children, or even for one second entertain the thought that they were innocent!! No, Israeli’s have no compassion, all Palestinians are terrorists, all deserve to die, this is exactly why the IDF had those t-shirts made. Israel is a rogue state filled with racists and murderers, no human beings live there any more, only serial killers of Palestinians. I Hope he wins the Nobel Peace Prize, but what I really hope is that some BRAVE Hollywood director has the balls to make a big production movie about this man’s life and what happened to him, So that all of America can see how evil Israel is. Anyone brave enough? I wonder!

Gazan doctor nominated for Nobel

Dr. Abu al-Aish, who lost three daughters to fighting in Gaza, receives news of candidacy for peace prize. ‘This prize will make my tragedy into something positive,’ he says

Dr. Ezzeldeen Abu al-Aish, a Gazan doctor who lost his three daughters to IDF fire during Israel’s offensive in the Strip, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, Ynet learned Sunday

Abu al-Aish received a letter from the Nobel Committee officially declaring him a nominee for the prestigious award.

“I received the news at the end of a meeting with the president of the European parliament while I was visiting Belgium, where I was made an honorary citizen,” he said in a telephone conversation from Canada.

“I wouldn’t call my first response joy, personally it is not joyous, but it does encourage me to hope for the two people. This prize will make my tragedy into something positive for the human race. It is a victory for intelligence, a victory for hope for positive change for our two people.”

The doctor said he would dedicate the prize to the simple people on both sides, Israeli and Palestinian, in the event that he won.

Abu al-Aish, who works at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer, said he had already received praise for his candidacy. “The first to call me was Minister Avishai Braverman. He congratulated me and said I represent us all,” he said.

The physician promised the nomination would not alter his way of life. “I will continue on my path. It may give me more responsibility but it won’t change my faith,” he said.

“Winning the prize will be a direct continuation of my activities in favor of a life of peace between two people… The fact that a simple man such as myself is nominated for such a prize only shows that nothing is impossible. The only impossible thing is my daughters’ return.”

When asked whether he might consider relinquishing medicine in order to enter politics Abu al-Aish said, “Where I find a way to change and help – that’s where I will be. I am willing to sacrifice my private time for this goal, but right now I want to save lives. Medicine brings people together, saves souls, and cures wounds, and this is what we need now.”


WAR CRIMES~Israel To Stand Trial In Spain

Israeli War Criminals

Israeli War Criminals

Well, don’t ya just love Spain??? They did not cave in to the Jewish lobby or Lawyers representing Israel. There was a report HERE where a group of Lawyers representing Israel were attempting to get the Judge to drop the case, saying “Israel” would do it’s own investigation (ROTFLMAO) However, evidently the Spanish Judge thinks humanity can best be served if someone other than Israel handles the investigation and charges. I agree! Should they be convicted, they will be trapped in Israel for life, never being able to leave the country for fear of being arrested!! Story below:

CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY~Israel To Stand Trial in Spain

Spanish National Court Judge Fernando Andreu says he will redouble his probe of seven top Israeli military and government officials for suspected ‘crimes against humanity.’ He made the decision after determining that documents forwarded by the Israeli Embassy in Madrid show that Israel has decided not to prosecute anyone for the targeted assassination of Salah Shehadeh, the commander of the military wing of Hamas, in Gaza City in 2002. Spanish law allows the prosecution of foreigners for such crimes as genocide, crimes against humanity and torture committed anywhere in the world if the suspects will not be tried in their home country.

A seven-page court document says the initial evidence suggests that the attack in the densely-populated Gaza City, which killed 14 civilians, ‘should be considered a crime against humanity.’ Supporters of the lawsuit say Spain should pursue the suit because it has ‘universal jurisdiction’ in such cases.

Andreu will now probe former Israeli Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, former Air Force Commander Dan Halutz, former head of the National Security Council Giora Eiland, and four other senior officials. Andreu will also seek testimony from Palestinian witnesses. The court will ask Israel to formally notify those named in the complaint so that they can be called by the judge to testify. Should Andreu decide to issue an international arrest warrant for any of the seven Israelis, they could be detained upon arrival in any EU member state.

The lawsuit has sparked outrage in Israel, which is trying to fend off foreign censure over the civilian death toll during Operation Cast Lead in January 2009. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has rejected the complaint as ‘delirious’ and pointed out that Shehadeh was a terrorist mastermind responsible for the deaths of many dozens of innocent people. ‘Whoever calls taking out a terrorist ‘a crime against humanity’ lives in an upside-down world,’ he said. Barak vowed to do ‘everything possible to get the investigation dismissed.’

Incoming Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called the Spanish probe outrageous. ‘It’s absurd: Israel is fighting against war criminals and they are charging us with crimes” said Netanyahu. ‘There is nothing more ridiculous and absurd than them accusing us, a democracy legitimately protecting itself against terrorists and war criminals, of these crimes; it is absurd and makes a mockery out of international law,’ he said

Sorry, but Israel makes a mockery our of international law, 62 UN resolutions against it, does not recognise the Geneva Convention, murders children, uses weapons in illegal ways, the lest is endless! This time they will pay! When Israel does not get its way it then resorts to threats, they are thugs, see below:

Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad, pointing to what many see as rank hypocrisy by Spain, has called for Israel to put former Spanish officials on trial for their role in the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. His official petition, which was sent to Israeli Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, says: ‘In those bombings, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of innocent civilians were killed because NATO pilots dropped their bombs from extremely high altitudes in order not to endanger themselves. They thus caused mass civilian casualties. It is fitting that the State of Israel try the Spanish political and military leaders for war crimes if Spain does not immediately revoke the charges against the Israeli Defense Minister and Chief of Staff.’

Sensing that the case has the potential to further cement Spain’s image as one of the most anti-Israel countries in Europe, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Ángel Moratinos said his government would consider a proposal to amend the controversial war crimes law that now allows the court to investigate the Israelis. But he was immediately contradicted by Deputy Prime Minister María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, who stated defiantly that ‘Spain is a country ruled by law and the justice system [here] enjoys absolute independence. This was made clear to Israel and we are sure they understand this.’

So far none of the lawsuits filed against Israel in Europe have ever reached the stage of a court trial where Israeli leaders have appeared before a foreign judge. But Spain’s case against Israel could open a Pandora’s Box as sundry political organizations try to use the Spanish legal system to charge Israelis and others who are fighting terror. Indeed, Israel is now bracing for a wave of lawsuits which accuse it of human rights violations during Operation Cast Lead.

Well, if the Crime fits, you cannot acquit!!! Israel is GUILTY OF WAR CRIMES!

At the moment, Israel’s best option for avoiding a messy and precedent-setting trial may be to exert diplomatic pressure to persuade Spanish authorities that Spain has a vested interest in protecting its justice system from malicious abuse. Britain reached that conclusion in wake of the Almog affair in 2006. And Belgium rolled back its universal jurisdiction law in 2003 after former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld threatened to pull NATO headquarters out of Brussels.

Here’s hoping the Spanish Government and Judge hold the line against what will surely be an onslaught of venom coming their way from all directions. After all, Israel is very used to being allowed to commit crimes and not be change. They have been getting away with murder for years, it’s time to stop it now!

Israel May End Chance for Peace

Israel stealing more land, dividing the West bank forever.
Evidently there are no humans left in Israel, only racist zionist nazi’s who steal and butcher Arabs. Obama needs to cut these zio-nazi’s loose now. No money, no aid, no weapons, no friendship. Cut them loose and let them sort it out with the Arabs without US assistance, then we will see how quickly they are forced to make peace with their neighbours.

New town may be death blow to hopes for Israel peace
The foundations have been laid but critics fear a planned Israeli settlement will end any hope of a Palestinian state

The sign in big, red Hebrew letters reads “Welcome to Mevasseret Adumim, the Harbinger of the Hills”. A three-lane road with roundabouts leads up the hill to a police station and street lamps line the flyover that links the new town to neighbouring Ma’aleh Adumim, one of the largest Jewish settlements in Israel.

There are no houses, cars or people in Mevasseret Adumim: it is a town laid out, waiting to be built. That is because international pressure has so far prevented construction from going ahead. The area is the last piece of open land linking Arab East Jerusalem to the West Bank and critics said that to develop it would bury the very notion of a two-state solution to the Middle East crisis.

According to reports in the Israeli media, the area has been earmarked for development under a secret accord between Binyamin Netanyahu, the new, conservative Israeli Prime Minister, and his ultra-nationalist Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman.

Better known under its old British mandate name, E1, it is the most controversial development project in the region, one that diplomats and observers warn will trigger the collapse of the weakened Palestinian Authority, or drive it into armed resistance again.

Israeli army radio reported that the deal was struck between Mr Netanyahu and Mr Lieberman as part of the negotiations to form a government, and it would allow 3,000 homes to be built on E1.

Critics said that building a combined Jewish settlement and national park in the hills of E1 would cut the West Bank in two. And blocking mainly Arab East Jerusalem from the West Bank it would make it impossible for the Palestinians to have that side of the disputed city as their capital.

FRAUD~Racist Leiberman Questioned for 2nd Day

I hope they hang him, but I must admit that I do find it a bit odd that this comes at this time. Given that he has already caused headlines with his racist views. Either it just took a long time to bring this forward ( I doubt that), or something else is at work here. Perhaps they want rid of him as he will be too much trouble and cannot be controlled.

Israeli police question new FM for 2nd day

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli police interrogated the country’s new hard-line foreign minister for the second straight day Friday in an ongoing bribery investigation that could make his tenure short-lived.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said Avigdor Lieberman was questioned for five hours about an investigation involving suspicions of receiving bribes, money laundering and breach of trust. The foreign minister’s lawyer and daughter have also been questioned in the case. Rosenfeld said Lieberman will be questioned again soon.

If indicted, Lieberman will likely have to step down from his post. Lieberman denies any wrongdoing and says the charges are politically motivated.

One of Israel’s most polarizing politicians, Lieberman became foreign minister this week. In his first speech, he immediately sparked an international uproar by saying he opposed concessions in exchange for peace and rejecting peace talks initiated by the former government. Lieberman has already raised concerns around the world with statements seen as racist and his opposition to U.S.-backed peace talks over the past year.

Lieberman has had trouble with the law before. Police have questioned him several times throughout his decade-long political career, though none of the allegations have stuck.

Earlier this year, Lieberman’s daughter, his lawyer and five other confidants were detained in the current bribery investigation, in which Lieberman is accused of funneling illicit funds through fictitious accounts under the names of his daughter and lawyer.

Petraeus Says Israel Might Attack Iran

Petraeus Says Israel Might Choose to Attack Iran (Update2)

Oh God someone stop these insane war pigs before they destroy the entire world. Murdering bastards are unhappy with only annihilating a few thousand Gazans, now they want to wipe out Iranians as well. And these Israeli psycho, NeoCon, NutJobs have nuclear weapons given to them by the USA. It is Israel that should have no nuclear weapons they are criminals and psychopaths and have proven this to be so. Well, if they attempt this, Iran has a right to defend themselves from the psychos in Israel, just like Palestine did!

April 1 (Bloomberg) — Israel might choose to attack Iran to prevent it from developing a nuclear bomb, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East said today.

Army General David Petraeus told Congress that “the Israeli government may ultimately see itself so threatened by the prospect of an Iranian nuclear weapon that it would take preemptive military action to derail or delay it.” Ali Akbar Javanfekr, media adviser to Iran’s President Mahmound Ahmadinejad, responded to the general’s comments.

“Iran’s position as a powerful country that is a proponent of logic and peace, the Zionist regime’s chaotic situation, and the state of the world’s economy are realities that do not make this possible,” Javanfekr said in a telephone interview.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor declined to comment on Petraeus’s remarks.

Netanyahu’s Threat

Israel has signaled impatience with the international diplomatic effort to deter Iran from pursuing a nuclear weapon. Benjamin Netanyahu, in an interview with the Atlantic magazine given shortly before he became prime minister yesterday, said President Barack Obama must act quickly to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb or Israel might be compelled to attack Iranian nuclear facilities.

They are really F*cking with Obama here!! Obama should throw them all out of Washington, and that includes AIPAC, ZOA, ADL and all Israel’s flying monkeys that spy and control American Politics. Enough is Enough!! I am really growing to literally despise Israel for what it does. I no longer have ANY sympathy what so ever for anything that may happen to them as they brought it on themselves. But unfortunately the rest of the world has to suffer for the acts of one maniacal rogue state with nukes, no, not Iran, but Israel!! They have the audacity to want to murder Palestinains for whom they elected. Well, look at who Israel elected.

Israeli International Law Expert Says IDF Guilty of War Crimes

Absolutely fantastic report from Russia Today. An interview with an Israeli expert in International Law regarding Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. The expert, Michael Sfrad, believes that the Israeli Army committed war crimes and wants an investigation. Additionally, he sets out the reasons why no soldier can claim “I was only following orders” as an excuse for committing those war crimes. Let us all remember when the Nazi’s took the Jews to concentration camps; they claimed they were only following orders. However, the ones that were ultimately caught were tried on war crimes charges and rightly so. Hence, Israel should be ashamed for adopting the same strategy and excuse as the Nazi’s who murdered Jews. War Crimes are War Crimes, no matter if committed by Nazi’s or Israeli’s this many years later. Read the report below:

Israel violated humanitarian law in Gaza – Israeli lawyer

Although Israel had the right to use force in Gaza, it had no right to target civilians, believes Michael Sfrad, Israeli expert in international human rights and humanitarian law.

How many human right laws have been violated in the recent Palestinian-Israeli war? Michael Sfrad has spoken to RT’s Paula Slier about the sensitive issue.

(note: RT=Russia Today MS=Michael Sfrad)

RT: The Israeli army and most Israelis do not believe that they committed war crimes in Gaza. Why do you think they did?

MS: Most criminals do not think they commit crimes. For me there is no doubt that the Israeli defense forces have gravely violated international humanitarian law. They have violated the very fundamental principles of humanitarian law. Let’s not forget that one of the major principles of humanitarian law is the principle of distinction which lays down that combatants must always distinguish between enemy combatants and enemy civilians and must always direct their weapons towards the combatants. Israel has targeted illegitimate targets. It decided that governmental officers, the Islamic university are all legitimate targets

It has also violated the second most important principle of humanitarian law and that is the principle of proportionality. They have bombarded from the air the most densely populated civilian area in the world. We knew that it would cause massive injury and death.

RT: If we unpack what you are saying, the first principle – the principle of distinction. The Israelis have argued that it was Hamas’s fault so many civilians were killed, that Hamas was using the civilian population as human shields. How do you respond to this kind of argument?

MS: Well the fact that one party violates international humanitarian law does not let the other party violate international law. Yes, if it’s true, it must be investigated. These are allegations that I’ve never seen any proof for – but if it’s true and Hamas militants had been hiding in the civilian population and waging their war from there then probably if targeted while engaging in combat then it was a legal attack by the Israeli defense forces if it operated according to principles of proportionality.

However what Israel was doing in this war was by no means only responding to attacks. Israel has targeted certain targets that were not in the course of fighting. Israel has never explained why it targeted the type of facilities that I’ve mentioned. Like governmental officers, the Palestinian parliament, these were not installations from which war was being waged but installations from where Hamas was operating – the government buildings, the police buildings – they were all part of the war effort.

War is a use of force and international relations and international law. You are not allowed – according to international law – to go to war because you dislike the government. Maybe the Israeli government does not like the Hamas government but also that the Hamas government might be a government of criminals. Still, that does not allow Israel to go to war unilaterally, without a decision by the Security Council, without the backing of international community.

RT: You talk about self-defense. But is not it self-defense for Israel after eight years after being fired at to then launch this operation in Gaza?

MS: I have no doubt that Israel has the right to use force. That’s not the question. The question is what kind of force and what kind of ammunition and which targets to choose.

RT: Do you think Israel used illegal weapons?

MS: I think it did, but I do not have the evidence, I have press reports, I have testimonies that were collected by human rights organizations in Gaza from the victims, and I have my understanding of how the Israeli army operates. But that’s not enough in order to be sure that it did happen or it didn’t.

RT: You talk about distinction but the Israeli army was very particular in what it struck. It only struck certain buildings. A lot of Gaza in fact was not damaged at all by Israeli military efforts.

MS: I challenge the Israeli army to allow an investigation. If it’s true that the Israeli army was following international law and I am wrong the fact is that up till now the Israeli army and the government of the state of Israel are not allowing a professional independent external investigation to be launched.

RT: Why do you believe that?

MS: Because they have something to hide, because they don’t want anyone outside the Israeli army apparatus to look into the deeds of the army and I believe that this is in itself a violation of international law.

RT: You spoke earlier about proportionality. But Israelis would argue that it’s not their fault that Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas of the world and people had nowhere to run to.

MS: That is the fault of the Israeli army. The fact that there were no ways to go. Was it that difficult to create a humanitarian corridor which will allow civilians who do not wish to be in the war area, war zone? OK, we did not choose the war zone, but we could have let the ones who wanted to flee go away.

RT: Was that responsibility of Israel? Or was that responsibility of the international community?

MS: Absolutely the responsibility of the state of Israel. We have control over all the borders of Gaza, the air, the sea and the land boarders. We could have opened a gate.

RT: But how do you tell the difference between civilians and Hamas fighters?

MS: The fact that civilians are Hamas supporters means nothing in the eyes of the law. People can choose to believe in evil things, they cannot be punished for that. And the fact is that in Israel’s eyes the whole civilian population was an enemy. It seems to me something horrendous that it was a strategy for the Israeli government and Israeli army to put a pressure on the civilian population.

RT: Who do you think should be held accountable for war crimes? Is it the Israeli army or the soldiers themselves? It seems unfair to hold soldiers responsible in a country where there’s conscription and at the moment we have the situation in Europe where many army officers cannot fly out of Israel, cannot land in these countries because they’re wanted by international courts.

MS: International criminal law is about individual responsibility. If Israel as a country or the Israeli army as a legal entity is valid internationally, it might be responsible in international law for operations and for all kinds of civil remedies but criminal law is all about personal responsibility. The fact that war criminals must bear the responsibility for their deeds is a part of the attempt to educate individuals around the world. You cannot hide behind the fact that you’re a part of a big apparatus that committed war crimes. You cannot hide behind the idea that you’ve just obeyed commands which the Israeli and Jewish airs, this is something that makes me shiver.

RT: You personally refused to serve and as a result you spent three weeks in prison.
Are you surprised that not more Israeli soldiers refused to serve now in Gaza?

MS: I’m surprised and not surprised. I’m surprised because I thought more Israelis will be listening more to their internal moral voice. I’m not surprised because I know my country and I know what kind of education people go through since kindergarten and how slowly feelings and emotions that are racist in their essence, are creeping into everyone of us.

RT: Do you think the courts in Israel are doing enough to hold soldiers and Israeli army?

MS: The Israeli law enforcing mechanism is not doing even 1 per cent of what it should be doing regarding violations of the humanitarian law. Nor in Gaza, neither in the West Bank. The prosecution is not prosecuting, and when it does, it does with a lot of problems, so the message is very clear – there’s impunity.

Obama Urged to Talk to HAMAS

Well, I’ve seen this before. Irish Republicans will recognise this tactic very well. Renounce violence and come into politics. The USA really is modelling the ME peace process after the NI peace process to quite a degree so far I must say. Hamas needs to make sure they don’t allow FATAH to give everything away and control all the negotiations. We faced much the same here when the US and England attempted to make deals with the soft Nationalist party the SDLP, our version of FATAH. Not until they learned the hard way, after many more ended ceasefires by the IRA, that they had to talk to Sinn Fein, who had a huge elected mandate (Like HAMAS) Only then, did they ever get anywhere. A peace process is just that, a “process” and a very LONG process at that! Our war with England has lasted for hundreds of years, and the Peace Process only started 13 years ago after 30 years of a well targeted war by the IRA. This, after many failed attemtps, and the actual decommissioning of weapons dumps only just ended this many years later. Yet even today we still have problems, like I said, it’s a process………

Palestine & Ireland

Palestine & Ireland

Barack Obama adviser urges talks with Hamas

Paul Volcker, a senior adviser to President Barack Obama, has urged him to break with US policy and open talks with Hamas in order to test the militant group’s willingness to join a unified Palestinian government.

Mr Volcker, a former Federal Reserve chairman who was picked by the president to head his new economic recovery advisory board, signed a letter with nine other Washington veterans and senior ex-officials urging him to open dialogue.
Other signatories of the letter, delivered to the president days before he took office, include Brent Scowcroft, national security adviser to the first George Bush, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, who performed the same role under Jimmy Carter.
The group is expected to be granted an audience at the White House as early as this week to make their case that lines of communication should be opened with the group

They are likely to make a forceful case given their personal experience of tortuous Middle East negotiations. “I see no reason not to talk to Hamas,” Mr Scowcroft told the Boston Globe. “The main gist is that you need to push hard on the Palestinian peace process. Don’t move it to end of your agenda and say you have too much to do.”

Mr Obama has made peace in the Middle East a central goal of his presidency. Within days of taking office he appointed former senator George Mitchell, a heavy-hitting veteran of the Northern Ireland peace process, as a special envoy to the region.
Some in Washington see a rare opportunity to open talks with Hamas now that the group is discussing a unity government with Fatah, the more moderate Palestinian faction. Hamas was elected to power in Gaza in 2007 and has been shunned by the US for its refusal to renounce violence or recognize Israel’s legitimacy.

Only HAMAS will know if it is the right time for political negotiations. Only HAMAS will know during any negotiations if they have enough concessions to go forward politically. In Ireland, our people have gone to Gaza and met with both ABBAS and HAMAS in an attempt for them to learn from Sinn Fein and the IRA’s political strategy and negotiations. During this last visit as expected, Israel was not amused and refused to meet with Adams because Adams was talking to HAMAS. Video’s below of interview with Ahmad Yousuf after meeting with Sinn Fein and another very short recent video with Adams on the Middle East conflict vs the Irish conflict.