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British MP Calls For Israeli War Crimes Investigation & Halt of UK Arms Trade

Another British MP calling for inquiry into Israeli war crimes in Gaza. Additionally he is calling for a halt to UK arms to Israel. Wonder if Canada, at the behest of their Jewish Lobby, will brand him as a “terrorist” as well.

Pendle MP in call for Gaza inquiry

PENDLE MP Gordon Prentice is calling for an independent inquiry into allegations of war crimes during the Israeli assault on Gaza.

Following the conflict in December and January, Mr Prentice has called for an immediate halt to UK arms exports to Israel.

He said: “What happened in Gaza should concern us all.

“The attack was a wholly disproportionate response to the rockets fired into southern Israel.”

Mr Prentice is supporting the Commons motion tabled by Martin Linton MP last week.

it’s all gathering ground, week by week, the world is coming for you Israel. We won’t forget the genocide you committed in Gaza, you are war criminals and Will be charged as such FINALLY!


LIBEL SUIT~Leading British Muslim Sues Government

Blears is an asshat pro-Israeli eejit and a disgrace to Britain. For those not aware of the background on this you can read a snippit of the background report then the most recent development of the lawsuit by Dr. Abdullah against Blears. Amazingly enough, She has even managed to anger a Zionist who has debated with Dr. Abdullah on television many times. Even HE thinks she’s a nutter!

The extraordinary action taken against the Muslim Council of Britain by communities minister Hazel Blears has rightly aroused widespread condemnation.

As Brian Whitaker has already pointed out, Blears’s 13 March letter to the MCB, suspending “engagement” with it pending the outcome of its investigation into the conduct of its deputy general secretary, Daud Abdullah, amounts to a piece of quite unwarranted Whitehall interference in the internal working of an independent body operating entirely legally in this country. In principle, whom the MCB chooses as its office-holders is none of Blears’s business. The very unfortunate precedent she is trying to set reflects the practices of a totalitarian state – China perhaps, or Zimbabwe. I am shocked that such a mindset could emerge in the UK.

But I am also deeply upset as a democrat, a Jew and a Zionist – and as a passionate believer in freedom of expression who has debated publicly with Abdullah (through Press TV) on two occasions. BACKGROUND SOURCE


Hazel Blears faces libel action for attack on leading Muslim

A leader of Britain’s largest Muslim organisation is threatening to sue Hazel Blears, the secretary of state for communities, after she accused him of calling for violence against Jewish communities and British troops.

In what is being described by members of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) as a crisis in relations between the Muslim community and the government, lawyers acting for its deputy secretary general have accused Blears of adopting “an extraordinary and malicious interpretation” of a declaration he signed this year.

The standoff originated last week when Blears demanded the resignation of Dr Daud Abdullah following his participation in the global anti-aggression conference in Istanbul, stating that the declaration “calls for violence against troops and Jewish communities”.

Abdullah rejected the claims, repeated by Blears on several occasions, including in a letter to the Guardian, stating that they were “entirely untrue”.
Abdullah said: “I do not advocate attacks on any religious community. Both I and the MCB have done everything possible to de-escalate the crisis … we have explained all our concerns and have met with parliamentarians to move on. But the government has tried to publicly humiliate me … I felt obliged to defend myself in a legal manner against these serious and defamatory allegations.”

Blears’s statement has sparked outrage across the religious and political divide, while a letter in the Guardian last week, signed by figures including Ken Livingstone and Tony Benn, urged the government to “end its attack on Dr Abdullah and reinstate its relations with the MCB”.

Abdullah’s lawyers have told Blears that unless she issues a retraction and apology by 15 April they will issue proceedings for libel.

British to Pay £60,000 to Arrested Abused Muslim Man

British to pay out £60.000 to arrested Muslim man police abused. Good! Wouldn’t you think people would learn after Abu Ghraib ? Evidently not………..

£60,000 awarded to terror suspect
The Metropolitan Police have agreed to pay £60,000 damages to a man arrested during an anti-terror raid.
The High Court heard that Babar Ahmad was subjected to “serious gratuitous prolonged unjustified violence” and “religious abuse” after his arrest.

Mr Ahmad, a 34-year-old IT support analyst, was never charged following the dawn raid at his home in Tooting, south west London, in December 2003.

‘Humiliate and debase’
Mr Justice Holroyde heard that one of the unnamed officers allegedly involved will face criminal proceedings.
Phillippa Kaufmann, counsel for Mr Ahmad, told the High Court that he had been dragged by handcuffs and held by the neck.
It was also claimed that he was forced into a kneeling Muslim prayer position and asked: “Where is your God now?”

Previously, the force had denied that Mr Ahmad had been punched, stamped on, grabbed and pulled by the testicles and repeatedly struck with the knee in the police van.
The court heard that one officer told him as he was being beaten in the police van: “You’ll remember this day for the rest of your life.”

Mr Ahmad was in court to hear lawyers for Met Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson agree to the pay-out.
Previously, he had followed proceedings by videolink from Long Lartin prison, Worcestershire.


Obama Urged to Talk to HAMAS

Well, I’ve seen this before. Irish Republicans will recognise this tactic very well. Renounce violence and come into politics. The USA really is modelling the ME peace process after the NI peace process to quite a degree so far I must say. Hamas needs to make sure they don’t allow FATAH to give everything away and control all the negotiations. We faced much the same here when the US and England attempted to make deals with the soft Nationalist party the SDLP, our version of FATAH. Not until they learned the hard way, after many more ended ceasefires by the IRA, that they had to talk to Sinn Fein, who had a huge elected mandate (Like HAMAS) Only then, did they ever get anywhere. A peace process is just that, a “process” and a very LONG process at that! Our war with England has lasted for hundreds of years, and the Peace Process only started 13 years ago after 30 years of a well targeted war by the IRA. This, after many failed attemtps, and the actual decommissioning of weapons dumps only just ended this many years later. Yet even today we still have problems, like I said, it’s a process………

Palestine & Ireland

Palestine & Ireland

Barack Obama adviser urges talks with Hamas

Paul Volcker, a senior adviser to President Barack Obama, has urged him to break with US policy and open talks with Hamas in order to test the militant group’s willingness to join a unified Palestinian government.

Mr Volcker, a former Federal Reserve chairman who was picked by the president to head his new economic recovery advisory board, signed a letter with nine other Washington veterans and senior ex-officials urging him to open dialogue.
Other signatories of the letter, delivered to the president days before he took office, include Brent Scowcroft, national security adviser to the first George Bush, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, who performed the same role under Jimmy Carter.
The group is expected to be granted an audience at the White House as early as this week to make their case that lines of communication should be opened with the group

They are likely to make a forceful case given their personal experience of tortuous Middle East negotiations. “I see no reason not to talk to Hamas,” Mr Scowcroft told the Boston Globe. “The main gist is that you need to push hard on the Palestinian peace process. Don’t move it to end of your agenda and say you have too much to do.”

Mr Obama has made peace in the Middle East a central goal of his presidency. Within days of taking office he appointed former senator George Mitchell, a heavy-hitting veteran of the Northern Ireland peace process, as a special envoy to the region.
Some in Washington see a rare opportunity to open talks with Hamas now that the group is discussing a unity government with Fatah, the more moderate Palestinian faction. Hamas was elected to power in Gaza in 2007 and has been shunned by the US for its refusal to renounce violence or recognize Israel’s legitimacy.

Only HAMAS will know if it is the right time for political negotiations. Only HAMAS will know during any negotiations if they have enough concessions to go forward politically. In Ireland, our people have gone to Gaza and met with both ABBAS and HAMAS in an attempt for them to learn from Sinn Fein and the IRA’s political strategy and negotiations. During this last visit as expected, Israel was not amused and refused to meet with Adams because Adams was talking to HAMAS. Video’s below of interview with Ahmad Yousuf after meeting with Sinn Fein and another very short recent video with Adams on the Middle East conflict vs the Irish conflict.





Whoa, huge article coming out in the Jerusalem Post on March 30th. Israel is running scared from charges of war crimes, the worldwide public opinion has really now gone totally against them, and they are now very worried indeed! The article is VERY long; it’s an interview with an IDF commander and is quite telling. Additionally, several experts explain this new concept of universal jurisdiction which many countries are now using in order to bring charges against Israel for war crimes. Israel has always had an “out” so to speak, as it never became a party to the 1998 Rome Convention that created the International Criminal Court. The only way around this would be for the UN Security Council to bring the charges; however, the USA,Israel’s “BFF” would veto this for Israel. So this is a “no go” Hence the new Universal Jurisdiction scenario, which, seems to be doing quite well so far. With convictions in the UK and possibly Spain now for war crimes against Israel. Soon Israel will no longer be able to run from the legal system. Oh, they can hide away in Israel for life, never being able to leave or set foot in any country where arrest warrants are held against them. Israel will become the pariah that it is, a large jail cell in the Middle East where criminals must hide out in order to remain out of jail. Yes, Israel will become one giant jail cell. Perhaps they could market this as a tourist attraction, come to Israel see the War Criminals in their cages.

Excerpt from Jerusalem Post below:

“I’m not a war criminal! I’m not a Nazi!”



“I’m not a war criminal! I’m not a Nazi!” Seated in a Jerusalem café, Yotam’s tense voice and tight movements contrast sharply with the suave, cool surroundings. He looks around and over his shoulder frequently, admitting that he’s afraid that someone might overhear him or recognize him. Throughout the interview, he takes long sips of water from a tall, iced glass in an effort to maintain his composure.
He insists that he not be identified in any way. Yotam is not his real name. During Operation Cast Lead, Yotam, served as a battalion commander of a combat unit. He had intended to leave for England in the late spring for post-doctoral studies at a well-regarded British university. But now he’s scared. During the war, his face was shown on European TV and he says that he has heard “from people I know on the far left in Israel who are cooperating with left-wing, anti-Zionist activists in England” that he could wind up being the target of an investigation against him on suspicion that he committed war crimes in Gaza.

“What do they want from me?” Yotam demands, his voice filled with rage and fear. “I did the best I could – I wanted to save my men. I didn’t want to kill innocent people. Sure, we had maps, and guided missiles and all sorts of high-tech equipment. But civilians got killed. Civilians get killed in wars. Does that make me a war criminal? Am I Eichmann? Am I a mass murderer like Milosevic? Like Idi Amin?”

According to Israeli legal experts, hundreds of Israeli officers and other officials may have good reason to be fearful that they could, indeed, be investigated, arrested and charged with alleged war crimes or crimes against humanity for their conduct in Operation Cast Lead in December-January.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak publicly promised that the state would back all officers and soldiers who might be accused abroad of war crimes. And the government has established an inter-ministerial committee that is, says an official, “working very much under the radar” to try to “ward off these legal proceedings through diplomatic means.”

Translation, he’s trying to make dirty deals with the governments of those countries who are bringing charges against Israel.

“When the warfare is over, lawfare begins,”

Lawfare draws upon the concept of universal jurisdiction, which refers to the powers of a state to try and punish any individual for war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide even if those crimes were not committed against the country or its citizens or its soil. The idea behind this, is that some atrocities are so horrendous that their perpetrators should not be allowed to find any safe haven, anywhere in the world.

Europeans are simply sick of seeing civilians suffer in wars and tired of seeing people killed. And they certainly don’t accept Israel’s explanation that it is fighting against terror.”

In 2004, a warrant was issued in Great Britain against Major General Doron Almog, who was accused of war crimes in Gaza between 2001 and 2003, when he headed Southern Command. When visiting England in 2005 to speak at a fund-raising event, Almog narrowly evaded arrest when he was tipped off that the warrant against him had been issued and so refused to disembark from his plane. The warrant is still pending.

these activities are part of the “Durban strategy,” first implemented at the World Conference Against Racism, in Durban, South Africa in September 2001. “The ‘Durban Strategy’ equates Israel with apartheid South Africa, viewing Israel as a pariah state so Israelis, like other ‘war criminals’ and pariahs, will not be able to travel throughout the world or be part of global society,”

Spanish judge, Fernando Andre, instituted a judicial inquiry against several Israeli political and military figures on suspicion of war crimes and crimes against humanity, in relation to the 2002 assassination of Hamas leader, Salah Shehade, with a one-ton bomb that killed 14 people in addition to Shehade. Although not directly connected to Operation Cast Lead, Israeli officials acknowledge that the timing of the Spanish decision is clearly related to the current anti-Israel atmosphere prevailing in Europe.

French pro-Palestinian organizations filed a lawsuit against the Israeli president and foreign and defense ministers. Turkish prosecutors, in response to a petition filed by a member of a pro-Palestinian NGO, announced that they were investigating whether Israeli leaders should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. In mid-February, members of the Jordanian parliament turned to the ICC, accusing Israel of war crimes

“the State of Israel is working diligently to prevent such cases in Spain and in other countries, through both legal and diplomatic means.”

“It just isn’t fair,” Yotam says impotently, close to tears. “Do these people know what it was like? Hamas was hiding out in residential areas. If they’re shooting at you from a house, how are you supposed to know how many civilians are inside? As a commander, I tried very hard not only to do the legal thing, but to do the moral thing, too. Hamas didn’t care – they violated every human and legal principle I can think of. It just isn’t fair.

Ok, I just have to say this, notice how brave the IDF are when they are in the armored tanks shooting at civilians, or a handful of men with mere rifles against their tanks. Or when flying over with their F-16’s dropping White Phosphorous, DIME missiles and other atrocities onto the most heavily populated place on this planet , where innocent civilians have NO where to go! Now, just look at these “brave” IDF soldiers, crying “It’s not fair” and my favorite “I’m Scared” well, I say too bad, what do you think those Palestinian people felt like all huddled into a corner, with no place to hide from your genocide? Do you think they were scared? And to think this IDF soldier was about to come to England to study! Good I hope is now has to remain in Israel for the rest of his natural life. That’s his sentence, face the charges and risk being convicted, or hide out in Israel for the rest of your life. Either way YOU LOOSE! You are a criminal now and will never be able to show your face anywhere else in the free world. Enjoy your new found status along with Hitler and Eichmann.Below is more of his drivel and whining and he also admits to using White Phosphorous as well, evil troll:

I don’t sleep at night. I think about the Palestinians that we might have killed. Does the Hamas guy who booby-trapped their houses and planted explosives under them – does he sleep at night? I bet he does. And those Brits and Spaniards who think they are so morally high and mighty – do they sleep at night? I bet they do.

Always have to blame HAMAS for everything, including the 1400 people, and 400 children the Israeli’s murdered with DIME missiles and White Phosphorous, Oh and this brave Soldier admits below using White Phosphorous on Palestinians. See here:

He acknowledges that his unit did use white phosphorus during the war. “But that’s not illegal. At least it isn’t illegal in some situations. We used it only for illumination, I swear. But when you’re the commander out there in the field, does anyone think that you can really consider all the legal and moral implications?” he challenges.

There are clear differences, for example, between destruction of natural resources, wanton destruction of property, wanton killing, deliberate starvation of a civilian population. But as long as Israel equates war crimes only with the Nazis, it will not be able to prosecute properly. These must be investigated by impartial, independent and professional committees, and anyone suspected of such crimes should be brought to trial.”

By not investigating and prosecuting,Israel is leaving itself open to universal jurisdiction abroad. Machover, for example, readily says that he is pursuing additional cases in Britain, but refuses to provide any details.

I suggest reading the entire 5 page article for a better understanding of “International Jurisdiction” and how it can help to bring some justice for the thousands who have suffered from Israel’s long history of war crimes.

Israel to Trade 226 Palestinian Prisoners for Israeli Captured Soldier

Breaking news: Very interesting stuff here from a political strategy standpoint. It appears that Israel is going to trade 226 Palestinian prisoners for the Israeli Soldier prisoner being held in Palestine.

Two sources below:

Israel offers amnesty to 20 Fatah militants: sources

RAMALLAH, March 10 (Xinhua) — Israel as given amnesty to 20 wanted militants of President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement in the West Bank city of Nablus, senior Palestinian security sources said Tuesday.

Israel has officially informed the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) that its security apparatus decided to offer amnesty to 20 wanted militants, who are members of al-Aqsa MartyrsBrigades, Fatah’s armed wing, said the sources who declined to give their names.

Most of the Fatah militants, who were offered amnesty by Israel, have been held in the prison of Nablus for several months, upon a security agreement issued between Israel and the PNA.

The sources said the PNA informed the wanted militants of getting Israeli amnesty, adding that other 17 wanted militants held at Nablus prison are still waiting for an Israeli amnesty.



Israeli security officials have been interviewing ‘heavyweight’ Palestinian prisoners in what the Palestinian Authority considers a sign of headway in the negotiations on a possible prisoner swap that would see captive soldier Gilad Shalit released

The most infamous prisoner being interviewed is Nasser Awais, the former commander of Fatah’s armed wing, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Awais was captured by IDF forces during Operation Defensive Shield in 2002. He was sentenced to 11 life terms.

It is estimated that Israel may offer to release these prisoners if Hamas agrees to remove other ‘heavyweight’ Palestinian prisoners from the list it had submitted during the negotiations. The Israel Prison Service denied that any talks were being held with Palestinian prisoners, and the Shin Bet refused to comment.

It was further reported that about two weeks ago Israel approved 226 of the 450 names on Hamas’ list of ‘heavyweight’ prisoners it wants released in exchange for Shalit.


I think there are many things happening behind the scenes here, suddenly this prisoner exchange, and what with the sudden removal of Hezbollah from the terrorist list in England, presumably so that the British can talk to them (for the Americans!!) because the Americans can’t, and other subtle moves taking shape recently. Having witnessed the peace negotiations in Ireland for 13 years, I smell the beginning of something here, the Americans, the British and Israelis are up to something. What that something is we will have to wait and see.


“You became heroes, you became legends, you will never be forgotten”


As stated, I will now post the speech George Galloway made this morning. You are very welcomed to link to this, but please do not copy the entire post, it took me a long time to write the entire speech, thank you. And, can I just say how proud I was to see the HUGE red and white checked banner from County Tyrone in the North of Ireland on display right next to George as he spoke!! On the banner it said “Tyrone to Gaza” what more can I say. I assume this banner was held by our John Hurson from Tyrone, who came from Ireland to England with a donated lorry and a huge collection of aid for Gaza and its children. Brilliant to see the banner as when the convoy is reported in the news, they always refer to it being a British convoy, when in fact there are Irish members as well as members from New Orleans in America. Bless them all.

Right, moving on to MP George Galloway’s brilliant speech today in Gaza’s Al Katiba Square. He is seated at a long table outside in the square, flanked by Elected Hamas officials, the Prime Minister and other officials. Surrounded by members of the VIVA PALESTINA convoy and huge numbers of Palestinian people who have gathered to greet them and hear his speech. Here is most of his speech that I typed from my recording, begins below:

“Freedom fighters, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, (funny here, the interpreter got the word “friends” wrong and Galloway corrected him in Arabic LOL, ya gotta love George LOL) on behalf of all friends who made the historic journey, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the welcome, you have afforded to us with the beautiful words you have spoken, and we thank you for the opportunity to kiss the ground of this holy land of Palestine, on the birthday of the prophet, peace be upon him.

We, have made a long and difficult journey, we have faced many hardships, many difficulties, some of them natural, some of them unnatural, but we made it to Palestine. (Cheers and clapping here). My friends, if you will allow me to address the members of our convoy; You became heroes, you became legends, you will never be forgotten, here in Palestine, you will always be the people who broke the siege on Gaza, (much cheering here), in your own communities hundreds of communities around Britain, you will always be the men and the women who saw the suffering of the Palestinian people and decided to do something about it, no one can ever take this from you now, This is a medal that your children will cherish, and your grand children after you have gone, will say, my father, my grand father, made that convoy to Gaza. (Huge cheers from everyone.)

My son, Zein is less than two years old, but he watched us live on television, live from London yesterday, he was shouting “VIVA” to the television, when he is a man, he will remember that his father decided to act, and made it to Palestine, and one day, if not me, then him, will come back to you in a FREE Palestine with Jerusalem as it’s capitol. And all of our children will come back to you, and I know that you will remember their fathers and this day.

Last night in this square, and old man, he reduced me to tears, this man made us cry, he said “with friends like you, with friends like this convoy, it makes us believe that one day, we can return to our country that we can drive them away, and we can return to our country” believe me, you will return to your country, Palestine will be free, Palestine will be free, Palestine will be free. ( huge cheers from the crowd.)

Dear bothers, dear sisters, dear comrades, my friends will now, deliver the aid to you, we are giving you 100 vehicles, this means a sterling value of at least 800 thousand British pounds, it is all we could do in the short time available to us, inside the vehicles, is everything that we could carry, everything we could get through the Egyptian border, and believe me, I was never more proud of my friends on this convoy than last night in Al Arish, when our brothers, fought inch by inch , item by item, sleeping bag by sleeping bag, to keep the maximum amount of aid on our vehicles. (Huge cheering and clapping, more cheering, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, more cheering and clapping by all.)

They (The convoy members) argued, they gave sweets and cigarettes to the inspectors and when the inspectors backs were turned they put back on the vehicles that which the inspectors had taken off the vehicles. (Cheering) And some of the inspectors were happy to turn their backs, because you have to know something, there is a moral crisis within the Arab societies, within the Arab societies within this siege. Their people are against the siege, even many of their officials are against the siege, even some of their policemen are against the siege, even some of their custom men are against the siege, I beg, I beg, I beg these Arab governments, stop besieging Palestine, Stop besieging Palestine, (cheering here)

We are giving you now, 100 vehicles and all of the contents, and we make no apology for what I am about to say; we are giving them to the elected government of Palestine, (massive cheering here), and just in case, the British government, or the EU, want to face me in any court, let me tell them, live on television, I personally am about to break the sanctions on the elected government of Palestine,( huge cheering and shouting.) Many of my friends, have to give their cash to charities, and while we carried a lot of cash here, you thought we were all fat, (laughing here by all) we are not fat, this is money that we have around our waists. ( More laughing and cheering.) And we have to give this, some of my friends have to give this, to charities, and they will do this in private later this evening. Because they need receipts and it is not practical to do it here. But I, now, here, on behalf of myself, my sister Yvonne Ridley, two Respect councillors, are giving three cars, and 25 thousand pounds in cash, to the Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniya!! (Huge cheering by all)

Here’s the money (George stands up with large black and white plastic bag in hand) this is not charity, this is not charity, this is not charity, this is politics, the government of Palestine are the best people to decide where this money is needed, we’re giving this money now to the govt of Palestine, and if I could I would give them ten times, one hundred times more ( he is now taking huge wads of cash out of the bag and handing it to the Palestinian Prime Minister, again and again, reaching into the bag, taking more money out and handing it to Hamas official who can barely hang on to the big pile of cash) we are opposing this siege we are breaking this siege, (huge cheering), and I say now to the British and European governments, if you want to take me to court, I promise you there is no jury in all of Britain who will convict me, they will convict you for the siege of the Palestinian people. ( George and the crowd now shouting in Arabic now by George and crowd now shouting “VIVA VIVA PALESTINA over and over by all people. )

George thanks everyone and speech ends. Money still coming out of the bag LOL, Oh look there’s the Tyrone banner again, Up da North!!!! George is greeting all the other Palestinian government officials now, crowd is mixing in now as well. Smiling faces, cheering, hand shaking by all.

Here is a photo of the Banner (before it left Ireland) carried by John Hurson that was shown today next to George Galloway during his speech.Really great to see that today!! Well done John!!

Tyrone Banner Pictured Before Leaving Ireland

Tyrone Banner Pictured Before Leaving Ireland

Well, that’s it folks, it was a grand speech and typically George. We need more Galloway’s in the world and we need more people to copy this convoy to break the siege again, and force open the Egyptian Rafah crossing to allow food, aid and medical supplies through. So get working on your own convoy, from your own country. If not, then donate, donate, donate!!!

An Phalaistín Abú