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UN Says “Anti-Zionism NOT Anti-Semitism”

Anti-Zionism Is Not Anti-Semitism, Stipulates UN Organization, EAFORD


Item 7. Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories

To expose Israel’s human rights abuses and attacks on Gaza is not anti-Jewish; criticism based on mountains of reports of human rights violations are not directed at Jews anywhere, but at the policies of the State of Israel.

The international community can and should abhor the slaughter of Palestinian women and children without being labeled anti-Semitic.

Zionism is a political movement, not a religion; it is a colonialist, racist, ideology of conquest, oppression, subjugation and control.

Zionism is Israel’s official ideology and to oppose the discriminatory policies of this apartheid state is not racist. Israel is one thing, Judaism another: to confront one is not to be in opposition of the other, they are separate.

Jews can be anti-Zionists, and anti-Semites can be staunch Zionists. Some of the most adamant supporters of Zionist ideology are not Jews, but some fundamentalist Christians. This agenda item does not report on a religion but on a State’s discriminatory policies towards a people who are Semitic too!

Occupation is not about religion: It is a nation’s policy of aggression; its use of disproportionate force, and collective punishment.

When the atrocities committed on the people of Palestine are condemned, Zionists call it anti-Semitism, which is a concocted myth. It is simply a ploy to “dismiss all criticism, no matter how legitimate, as rooted in prejudice and therefore without any validity.” (Cohen)

Equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism poisons any resolution; let it not deter us from our pursuit, the real goal which must prevail: truth and justice.

Thank you Mr. President.


24 March 2009

listen to audio HERE


Lieberman NOT Welcome in Egypt

Well, never mind about Israel celebrating its “so called” agreement with Egypt. Egypt did not celebrate, and it now seems that Egyptians are none too happy about Israel’s new Zionist Racist Genocidal Government. Israel has already lost the support of Turkey, and I predict Egypt is not far behind.

Egyptian Islamists: Deny entry to ‘Zionist terrorist’ Lieberman

A key Egyptian opposition faction have submitted a bill to deny entry to Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Hussein Ibrahim, the chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, wrote in the proposal that Lieberman deliberately harms the continuity of the Egyptian people and government. He also called the far-right minister “a Zionist terrorist” and said his policies are “overly extreme.”

More than a hundred MPs, all of them from the opposition, endorsed the motion.

Ibrahim told an Egyptian Web site on Friday that the Egyptian government did stand up properly to the newly appointed Israeli foreign minister, and that it should have boycotted him a long time ago.

Egypt has threatened to boycott Lieberman unless he issues an official apology for past remarks, including telling Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to “go to hell.”

Last week, Egyptian ambassador to Israel Yasser Rida threatened to boycott the anniversary ceremony to protest Lieberman’s pending appointment.

Funny that Lieberman makes a referral to “Hell” a place he surely will be going himself, just where he belongs, along with all the other murdering scum who believe they have a right to kill innocent Palestinians. “Hell ” is going to be VERY crowded!

Israel May End Chance for Peace

Israel stealing more land, dividing the West bank forever.
Evidently there are no humans left in Israel, only racist zionist nazi’s who steal and butcher Arabs. Obama needs to cut these zio-nazi’s loose now. No money, no aid, no weapons, no friendship. Cut them loose and let them sort it out with the Arabs without US assistance, then we will see how quickly they are forced to make peace with their neighbours.

New town may be death blow to hopes for Israel peace
The foundations have been laid but critics fear a planned Israeli settlement will end any hope of a Palestinian state

The sign in big, red Hebrew letters reads “Welcome to Mevasseret Adumim, the Harbinger of the Hills”. A three-lane road with roundabouts leads up the hill to a police station and street lamps line the flyover that links the new town to neighbouring Ma’aleh Adumim, one of the largest Jewish settlements in Israel.

There are no houses, cars or people in Mevasseret Adumim: it is a town laid out, waiting to be built. That is because international pressure has so far prevented construction from going ahead. The area is the last piece of open land linking Arab East Jerusalem to the West Bank and critics said that to develop it would bury the very notion of a two-state solution to the Middle East crisis.

According to reports in the Israeli media, the area has been earmarked for development under a secret accord between Binyamin Netanyahu, the new, conservative Israeli Prime Minister, and his ultra-nationalist Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman.

Better known under its old British mandate name, E1, it is the most controversial development project in the region, one that diplomats and observers warn will trigger the collapse of the weakened Palestinian Authority, or drive it into armed resistance again.

Israeli army radio reported that the deal was struck between Mr Netanyahu and Mr Lieberman as part of the negotiations to form a government, and it would allow 3,000 homes to be built on E1.

Critics said that building a combined Jewish settlement and national park in the hills of E1 would cut the West Bank in two. And blocking mainly Arab East Jerusalem from the West Bank it would make it impossible for the Palestinians to have that side of the disputed city as their capital.

FRAUD~Racist Leiberman Questioned for 2nd Day

I hope they hang him, but I must admit that I do find it a bit odd that this comes at this time. Given that he has already caused headlines with his racist views. Either it just took a long time to bring this forward ( I doubt that), or something else is at work here. Perhaps they want rid of him as he will be too much trouble and cannot be controlled.

Israeli police question new FM for 2nd day

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli police interrogated the country’s new hard-line foreign minister for the second straight day Friday in an ongoing bribery investigation that could make his tenure short-lived.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said Avigdor Lieberman was questioned for five hours about an investigation involving suspicions of receiving bribes, money laundering and breach of trust. The foreign minister’s lawyer and daughter have also been questioned in the case. Rosenfeld said Lieberman will be questioned again soon.

If indicted, Lieberman will likely have to step down from his post. Lieberman denies any wrongdoing and says the charges are politically motivated.

One of Israel’s most polarizing politicians, Lieberman became foreign minister this week. In his first speech, he immediately sparked an international uproar by saying he opposed concessions in exchange for peace and rejecting peace talks initiated by the former government. Lieberman has already raised concerns around the world with statements seen as racist and his opposition to U.S.-backed peace talks over the past year.

Lieberman has had trouble with the law before. Police have questioned him several times throughout his decade-long political career, though none of the allegations have stuck.

Earlier this year, Lieberman’s daughter, his lawyer and five other confidants were detained in the current bribery investigation, in which Lieberman is accused of funneling illicit funds through fictitious accounts under the names of his daughter and lawyer.


This comes as NO surprise really. Israel should be isolated from the rest of the world as they are a threat to world peace! I hope Obama does not take this laying down, it’s about time the US government fought back instead of letting Israel and it’s American Lobby groups control American politics and take BILLIONS of American taxpayers money annually. Cut off the money now!

Livni: Israel no longer after peace

Former foreign minister Tzipi Livni says that her successor’s recent remarks mean that from now on, Israel will be an obstacle to the peace process.

Livni, who was the country’s top negotiator in peace talks with Palestinians, said Thursday that new Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s position on the 2007 Annapolis deal “showed the world that we are not a partner [for peace].”

She said Israel was always complaining that there was no partner for peace on the Palestinian side, but Lieberman’s remarks would in fact make the international community perceive Israel as the main obstacle.

Livni’s remarks came a day after ultranationalist Avigdor Lieberman, said that Tel Aviv was not bound by the 2007 US-backed Annapolis deal, under which Israel agreed to the creation of a Palestinian state.

“What happened yesterday is that the Israeli government announced that Israel isn’t relevant, isn’t a partner,” Livni told Army Radio.

She said far-right parties with hawkish policies have in the past avoided peace efforts with the “pathetic excuse” that there was no partner on the other side. “From today, Israel has announced that it is not a partner,” she said.

In an interview published on Thursday, Lieberman also ruled out any Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights in exchange for peace with Syria.

“There is no cabinet resolution regarding negotiations with Syria, and we have already said that we will not agree to withdraw from the Golan Heights,” Lieberman told the Ha’aretz daily.

A political source close to new Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also confirmed that Lieberman’s remarks largely reflected the premier’s position, Reuters reported.

MORE Proof Israel is AGAINST Peace

AS if anyone needed it, yet more proof…..

This just out today. Israel’s racist, bigoted, evil, FM Zionist Avigdor Lieberman rejects US Annapolis deal. Go figure! Where’s a good heart attack when you need one? This fits perfectly with what I wrote about HERE about a great piece written by Uri Avnery where he lays out Israel’s plan to deceive Obama regarding peace.

Israel’s new ultra-nationalist foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman has said it is not bound by a US-sponsored 2007 agreement to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians.

“The Annapolis conference, it has no validity,” said in his first speech since taking office.

He was speaking at a handover ceremony at the foreign ministry, prompting his predecessor Tzipi Livni to interrupt and diplomats to shift uncomfortably.

The Annapolis process was meant to lead to the creation of a Palestinian state.

Palestinian leaders say Mr Lieberman’s stance could undermine stability.

“There is one document that obligates us – and that’s not the Annapolis conference, it has no validity,” Mr Lieberman said.

Israel & Egypt-30th Anniversary Not Happy One

Egypt & Israel,
Happy 30th Anniversary?
Maybe not!

Egypt has suffered greatly due to the recent genocide in Gaza and it’s shameless silence and support for fellow Arabs being slaughtered en mass. Many in Egypt and other Arab states are not celebrating the Egypt-Israeli treaty’s 30th anniversary, and with good reason. Great report from the BBC just out:

In Cairo, the 30th anniversary of the signing of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt is seen by many as a moment for regret, not celebration.

“It’s a celebration for Israel – not for Egypt, not for the Arabs, not for the Palestinians,” says Issam al-Aryan of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist opposition movement which is officially banned in Egypt.

“I think the majority of Egyptians are against the treaty after 30 years.”
Israel is holding events to mark what it calls a “watershed” moment, the first time an Arab nation recognised the Jewish state.

But there are no commemorations in Egypt, where discussion of the treaty focuses on concerns over Israel’s new right-wing government and a campaign in the courts to stop Egypt selling its gas to Israel at below-market rates.

Pariah status

Under the deal, Israel agreed to withdraw from the Sinai Peninsula which it had occupied in whole or in part since 1967. In return, Egypt agreed to demilitarise the area and normalise relations with Israel. Promises of a comprehensive peace agreement for the whole Middle East quickly ran into the sand and Egypt went from a leader in the Arab world to a pariah.

Despite public outrage, the government refused to open its border with Gaza, leading to accusations that Cairo was putting its relationship with Israel and the US above the suffering of the Palestinians.

But some say Egypt could worry less about antagonising Israel.

“Since Israel violated its commitments [under the treaty] by carrying out military actions on Egyptian borders, by not going along with the intention in Camp David to reach a comprehensive settlement in the Middle East, and violated its commitments to the Palestinians, and its commitments under international law, I think Egypt has a good argument for offering more support to the Palestinians,” says Professor Mustafa Kamel al-Sayed of the American University in Cairo

Undiplomatic presence

But the arrival of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud-led government in Israel, including the hardliner Avigdor Lieberman as a possible foreign minister, brings fresh concerns for stability. Mr Lieberman said Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak should “go to hell”, and has suggested bombing the Aswan Dam, drowning Egypt in the waters of the Nile.

Such language does “not make Israelis very good partners”, admits former diplomat Ahmed Maher:

“The Israelis are so arrogant… We are on a very shaky foundation, but a shaky foundation which has endured because we Egyptians have been wise.
“You can’t live by the sword alone, this is something the Israelis, in the arrogance of power, have not yet realised.”

Many Egyptians are bitter that their precedent of exchanging land for peace did not lead to a comprehensive settlement.

Instead, some believe Israel returned Sinai to consolidate its hold on other occupied territories and free its hand to pursue military action against the Palestinians and in Lebanon.

Fact of life

Although there is now talk of a possible deal between Israel and Syria, Issam al-Aryan warns the Syrians not to believe it will help in the wider conflict:
“I hope they can study and review 30 years of discomfort and struggle in Egypt against the treaty.

“They are intelligent enough to get the lesson: the problem is not in Golan or Sinai, it is in Acre, Haifa, Jaffa, Gaza, Ramallah, that is the problem.”
But even the Muslim Brotherhood shies away from calling for Egypt’s treaty to be ripped up.

“Many people are opposed to this treaty,” says Professor Mustafa Kamel al-Sayed.
“Israel did not live up to its treaty… But I think the Egyptian public considers the treaty to be a fact of life”.

In three decades, Egypt’s cold peace with Israel has never warmed.
The treaty may now be a fact of life. But it is still not a comfortable one.