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Israel Fires 150 Arab Workers

Israel a “democracy” what a joke! Where is “equality, justice, freedom of expression? All of those exist in a REAL Democracy, rather than what Israel is e.g. a theocracy

A decision by Israel’s state-owned railway company to sack 150 Arab workers because they have not served in the army has been denounced as “unlawful” and “racist” this week by Arab legal and workers’ rights groups.

The new policy, which applies to guards at train crossing points, is being implemented even though the country’s Arab citizens — numbering 1.2 million and nearly one-fifth of the total population — have been exempt from serving in the military since Israel’s establishment.

Ahmed Tibi, an Arab member of the Israeli parliament, complained to Israel Railways and the attorney general last week, arguing that the move was meant “to cleanse the railways of Arab employees.”

“It is an especially grave matter as this is a public company whose operations are meant to benefit all citizens,” he said.

The Laborers’ Voice, a workers’ rights group based in Nazareth, said the new condition of employment was designed to reserve rail jobs for Jews, most of whom are conscripted for three years after finishing school.

It added that Israel Railways was following dozens of other major Israeli firms and thousands of small businesses that keep jobs off limits to Arab workers by defining the roles as security related. MORE HERE


India Calls for End to Settlements & Viable Palestinian State

India for end to expansion of Israeli settlements in Palestine

Doha (Qatar), Mar 30 : India today sought an end to expansion of Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories and easing of restrictions on free movement of persons and goods within Palestine, including the Gaza Strip.

“We call for an end to the expansion of Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories,” Minister of State for External Affairs E Ahamed said at the 21st Summit of the League of Arab States here.

He said India favoured a negotiated solution of the Palestinian issue resulting in a sovereign, independent, viable and united state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital living within secure and recognised borders, side by side at peace with Israel.