Call to Close Israeli Embassy In Ireland



I Just want to bring attention to the petition to close the Israeli Embassy in Ireland. Remember, Ireland was a long holdout to actually allowing an Israeli Embassy in Ireland. Remember how we were pressured by the US government on behalf of Israel to allow them to open an Embassy here? They promised Israel would work towards peace, this was a lie! Hence, the embassy was opened on the premise of a lie, and should now be closed down immediately. Sign Petition below:


Background (Preamble):
412 Palestinian children killed in 22 days by Israeli military in the recent Gaza conflict. UN and Red cross positions bombed. This is unjustifiable. The reasons given for the current Israeli war on Gaza is the firing of rockets into Israel by Hamas.

The Palestinian people of the Gaza strip are living in the worlds largest concentration camp; completely surrounded and cut off from the outside world by the Israeli Military. There is a general consensus by all the major aid organisations and Human rights organisations in the world that there is a serious humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The people of Gaza are desperate for help from the International community but the Propaganda machine of Israel aided by the mainstream US press and Bush administration means that a huge amount of people around the world do not fully understand why there is conflict constantly in this part of the world.

The main reason is of course because ever since the creation of the State of Israel consecutive Israeli governments have not respected the International borders of the Palestinian Territories as agreed by the UN and have continued to build settlements and then move Israeli citizens under the protection of their military to them. They are illegally occupying another country. This is the reason there are armed factions in the Palestinian territories.

The UN is fully aware of this but any attempt to pass a resolution regarding this matter is consistently vetoed by the US who continue to pretend to the world that they are in support of a peace settlement.

This is not my opinion. These are the facts and I would encourage you not to take my word for it but to research all of this yourself. I can assure you that every credible source from Amnesty International to the Red Cross to the UN commission for Human rights will confirm what I have stated above.

For this reason I believe as an Irish citizen it is time for us to stand up and be brave and ask our government to send a clear message to the Israeli government that what they are doing is not acceptable by closing the embassy in Ireland. Any help with publicising this petition would be greatly appreciated. (There is also an open letter calling for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador contact details to become a signatory to this may be found at

Thank you for caring.

I would like to support the campaign asking the Irish government to close the Israeli embassy in Ireland in order to send a firm message to the Israeli government that their illegal occupation of the Palestinian Territories and consequent human rights violations towards the Palestinian people is no longer acceptable by the International community.



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