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This blog is anti-Zionist but not Anti-Judaism. There is a huge difference between the two. Hence, Racist comments about Jewish people will be marked as spam. The fight is against Zionism, not Jews. For insight into this you can visit some of the many blogs listed on this site, most written by Jews who are fighting against Zionism and see it as the cause of the never ending middle east crisis and the ultimate destruction of Israel.

Regarding Israel and Zionists;   


I will stop criticizing Israel when it no longer commits war crimes against Palestine and Lebanon, it no longer breaks international laws, it no longer has over 60 UN resolutions against it that it wilfully ignores, when it returns Palestinian land it has stolen, when it allows the homeless Palestinians it created when it stole their land the right to return, when it compensates those who’s land it has used and stolen for years, when it no longer targets an entire population because of whom they voted for. When it recognises all those Elected democratically by the Palestinians, when it begins to hold real and meaningful negotiations with all elected Palestinians, and finally, when it no longer behaves like the Zionist and Racist rogue state it has now become and lives peacefully among all its neighbours. Only then will I no longer criticize Israel and Zionists for their actions. I look forward to that day and hope to see it in my lifetime.

Old Irish Saying:

Ní Síocháin gan Saoirse=No Peace Without Freedom